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  • Over 40 years of use in Germany
  • Includes nine uniquely formulated herbal extracts

  • Relieves cramping, bloating and heartburn
  • Does not contain lactose or gluten

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Full Description

Do you notice you have problems with gut cramps or heartburn every so often after you eat? Do you often feel bloated or cramped? Iberogast might be what you want!

Iberogast is a professionally and clinically trailed prokinetic medication that will takes care of heartburn, bloating, cramping as well as abdominal discomfort. It is also utilized in sufferers that have persistent difficulties such as irritable bowel syndrome and functional dyspepsia.

Iberogast has long been available in Europe for over 45 years and is for sale within Canada in addition to america.

Iberogast made up of nine special natural extracts which have a regulatory trigger the full gastrointestinal tract. The name Iberogast comes from the principal nutrient, Iberis amara, which has a tone-promoting and anti inflammatory ´╗┐effect´╗┐.

Iberogast has multiple ways in which it works. Iberogast quickens gastric unloading, reduces discomfort and cramping, soothes heartburn, relieves bloating and finally induces removal of gas out of your intestines.

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