FitFlax – Golden Roasted Flax Seeds with Chia Seeds

Short Description

  • Our proprietary blend & unique roasting process promotes weight loss, energy & wellness.
  • FitFlaxTM delivers greater Omega-3, protein, fiber and antioxidants than conventional flax products.
  • No more grinding! Enjoy healthy FitFlaxTM straight from the bag!
  • Our special roasting process enhances both the quality and the natural nutty taste of the seeds. Toss it on salad, mix it in yogurt, sprinkle it on practically anything to add taste, texture and fiber!

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Full Description

FitFlax is the newest superfood!
? Lowers blood pressure & cholestrol
? Promotes lean muscle mass
? Reduces cravings for sweets & junk foods
? Promotes regularity and colon health
? Improves cardiovascular health
? High in soluble and insoluble fiber ? Increases metabolic rate
? Reduces body fat
? Promotes healthy skin
? Stabilizes blood sugar
? Reduces risk of cancer
? Fabulously delicious!

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